Network & Equipment

Behind the scenes, your website is routed through a world-class network of equipment. We continuously invest in our infrastructure, hardware and software ensuring a rock solid, worry-free home for your website.

BGP4 Technology

With BGP4, we are multi-homed to Tier 1 backbone providers for the best routing and redundancy. Our multiple Gigabit fiber-optic connections allows your website to always load quickly and give your visitors the fast and smooth experience they demand.

Foundry Routers and Load Balancers

Our routers are made redundant through the use of OSPF Protocol. Our server clusters use multiple Cisco CSS and F5 BigIP Load Balancing switches designed for failover. PowWeb also uses industry-leading hardware from Foundry and Juniper Networks.

Network Appliance Filers

PowWeb utilizes NetApp storage clusters, such as those used by Yahoo, Texas Instruments and Merrill Lynch. Our NetApp's enhanced RAID4 technology hold up to 30 terabytes of disk storage. The systems are continuously monitored for reliability and performance by our NOC support staff.

Dell Performance

Whether you have simple or complex Web-hosting needs, PowWeb has the technology. We only use Dell servers — delivering the very best in performance and reliability. These speedy and robust servers ensure that your sites load quickly and are available at all times.